Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bows or Trains?

      17 weeks now and praising God for His protection over our Little One! I am feeling better now except for some pain that is probably related to ligaments/scar tissue, though the doctors aren't sure.  Please keep praying that scar tissue would not hinder Baby's growth. :) 

     Last Monday we got see Baby moving around and punching at the Ultrasound Tech every time she moved the wand and tried to get a good picture...definitely Daddy's baby!  Hearing the heartbeat is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  It makes my heart soar.  We knew it was a possibility we would find out the gender, but the legs have been crossed the last two ultrasounds so we were prepared to still be kept in the dark.  That was okay with me though, because I kind of liked not knowing. Brandon, on the other hand, was dying with curiosity.  He thought it was a boy...BUT...

    Our little girl already likes to do things her own way. And I love that. Almost everyone (family, friends, etc.) guessed that it was a boy. My mom said thought that it looked to her like I was carrying a girl.  She was right.  So my dad got his wish...another me. :)  We are so excited for Baby Girl. (Her name won't be revealed until birth!)  Praise the Lord for what HE has done!  We appreciate your continued prayer as the Lord brings us to mind.