Friday, May 6, 2016

A Momma's Thoughts

     This week I barely made it out of Walmart without bursting into tears. Of course. It's right before Mother's Day. I'm usually in tears this week. But this was different. A sweet older lady had asked to see my baby, who was sound asleep in his stroller.  Not unusual...I almost never go through a store anymore without someone wanting to see and talk to my precious sidekick. (Which I absolutely love by the way.) But as we were parting, this lady wished me a Happy Mother's Day. And all the emotions of those words hit me.

     Though I've been a mother for years, this is the first time someone has said those words to me because they actually recognized me as such. A mommy. It's an unspeakably hard thing to know you have a child (in my case children), but they aren't here on the general public doesn't know to recognize you in the Mother group that you know you belong in. Or even worse, people know but still don't give you recognition as a mom.

     So --  Happy Mother's Day to my friends who have children in heaven with mine. What a celebration we will all have when we are together one day!  And I truly pray you can still find some celebration this weekend because of their precious lives.   
I think it has taken me by surprise how much having Colin here has made me miss Dani Grace so deeply. I can compare their faces, and I talk to him about his sissy...especially when he tries to pull on the commemorative chain I wear. :) This weekend I will be celebrating what God has done for us and each life He loaned to us...whether that be for weeks or months.
Oh. And speaking of what He has own sweet mom gets to celebrate this year holding her grandson. A complete, true miracle when last year at this time we didn't know if she would get to experience being a Grammy to Colin.  To HIM be the glory! 
 We recently stood before our family and friends at church and dedicated our son to the Lord. This was really more for Brandon and me than Colin...we were simply expressing to others what we had told God long before Colin was born. We will seek to raise him in a way that honors the One Who created him.
And I pray that Colin will come to know the same God Who has brought JOY to my heart this Mother's Day.

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  1. You have a lovely blog, and your photos are beautiful. :)