Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beyond expectations

This card has hung on my dresser mirror for years.  A very special lady, who has prayed for us daily, sent this card of encouragement to me.  We have been so very thankful for the many who are praying for us and Baby.  This child continues to be a miracle, and our God continues to amaze us with His mighty hand.

We have been praying daily ourselves for some specific things relating to the baby's growth and development, as well as for my body to adjust and remaining damage from the previous surgeries to be divinely healed.

We learned a lesson today.  We were hoping today for God to do good things.  But our God does great, wonderful, beyond-our-imagination things!  The report we got on the baby was "Perfect."  Things right now (the baby, as well as my ability to carry) are in every way normal, and that makes my head spin.  For so long, nothing about our situation has been "normal." And to get a report that things look perfect, kind of blows my mind.  Our baby may be excitingly "normal," but we truly know he/she is a miracle!

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