Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Gifts

The last few weeks have been full of nausea, fatigue, and basically counting hours until my naptime, but I am thankful for it!  Today we got to see our little monkey again.  Every time I hear the heart beat, my heart soars and I breathe a huge sigh of relief.  The Lord is teaching me how to counter my fears with Scripture and faith. And boy, can fear take over if you allow it to. I'm glad for my Daddy, who points me in the right direction and reminds me how to control them.

 I feel blessed to be able to carry a child at this time of year.  I think about what must have gone through Mary's head so many years ago to know that she was carrying our Lord. I have often pondered to what extent she fully understood at that time what she had been chosen for.  How overwhelming.  I get overwhelmed at just trying to accomplish  teaching, Christmas shopping and decorating, and keeping a somewhat clean house.  (The latter of which is apparently not happening until Christmas break!)

I am overwhelmed in a different way at times to realize God's gift to us of this child.  He has protected in a mighty way over the last 12 1/2 weeks!  Thankful doesn't begin to describe our hearts.  It was amazing to see tiny fingers and the profile of the baby's face today on the screen. What a truly amazing miracle life is.

And though our little gift is nothing short of wonderful, I cannot help but be reminded of the greater Gift given to us in the Lord Jesus.  Honestly, daily life would be so hard without Him I would be a distraught, depressed person. He is our Hope!

Thanks again to those of you who hold us up in your prayers!  You might specifically pray that any leftover scar tissue from before would not hinder the baby or its growth. And yes, I said "its," because we do NOT know whether it is a girl or boy yet. :)  Not until the end of January or beginning of February anyway!

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